The Top 10 Living Room Idea Trends for 2024, According to Experts

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Interior designers and home decor experts predict significant changes to living rooms over the next year. Multifunctional furniture, smart home devices, and biophilic design are trends experts predict to be huge in 2024.

1. Natural Elements

“Eco-Chic Fusion” — a blend of sustainability and style- will be the buzzword for 2024, says Alex Locklear. The global focus on sustainability and bringing the outdoors in, will translate to living rooms in 2024. Locklear predicts we’ll see many more living rooms decorated with natural materials like wood, stone, bamboo, and natural fabrics. Plants and natural fiber rugs will also trend. 

Homeowners will embrace the calming and eco-friendly aspects of incorporating more wood, greenery, and other natural elements into their living areas. Locklear adds, “Sustainable decor pieces like recycled art or repurposed furniture will add an eco-friendly touch to the space.”

2. Multifunctional Furniture

With more people working from home and wanting flexible living spaces, furniture that serves multiple purposes is becoming increasingly popular. “Since apartments and homes are becoming smaller, people are looking for furniture that can serve multiple purposes,” says Nicole Saunders, Interior Design Specialist and founder of The Design Build Vault

She foresees modular sectional sofas that can be rearranged in different configurations or have built-in tables, ottomans, and storage to continue to surge in 2024. Look for furniture pieces you can easily move around to suit various activities like working, relaxing, or entertaining guests.

3. Tech-Integrated Haven

Smart home technology continues to evolve and will increasingly play a significant role in managing our homes. “This trend will include smart furniture like coffee tables with built-in charging ports or sofas with adjustable lighting options. You can also expect to see voice-controlled devices and mood-setting apps that will enhance the comfort and convenience of the living room,” explains Locklear

Saunders agrees, saying, “We can expect to see creative and innovative lighting options for the living room. From LED strips behind shelves and furniture to remote-controlled dimmable lights, 2024 will be about creating the perfect ambiance through lighting.”

4. The Fragmented Layout

With the open plan living space on the way out, we expect to see more fragmented floor plans, essentially splitting large rooms into several smaller zones, predicts DIY expert Tommy Mello

Using modular materials like plasterboard walls, sliding glass doors, and room dividers, living areas can be seamlessly segmented temporarily or semi-permanently. This allows the space to transform based on shifting household needs – perhaps separating the living and dining areas during busy weeknights but opening the entire room on weekends for large gatherings. 

The fragmented floor plan trend is especially suited for open-concept homes where the kitchen flows straight into the living room. Dividing these oversized spaces provides the definition and intimacy that was previously lacking.

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5. Customizable Decor

As people spend more time at home, they’ll want living rooms they can truly make their own. Decor experts forecast a rise in customizable decor elements that allow homeowners to personalize their spaces. Some options include modular shelving systems, customizable pillows, throws, or furniture with interchangeable fabric covers. The ability to swap out or rearrange decor items on a whim will be highly desired for creating constantly evolving living room vibes.

6. Biophilic Design With a Modern Twist

“The living room in 2024 will see a surge in biophilic design as the connection between nature and well-being continues to influence interior spaces,” says Interior Designer Nicholas Kalko. This philosophy moves beyond simply decorating with houseplants—it aims to purposefully connect people to nature even when indoors.

Biophilic living rooms will feature natural materials, lighting, textures, and shapes referencing the outdoors. “Furniture will continue to follow an organic curve appeal, with sofas and chairs adopting fluid forms that mimic natural shapes. Materials will be sustainably sourced, emphasizing reclaimed wood, natural fibers, and stone,” he adds. 

“The modern twist comes with the color palette; while earthy tones remain popular, we’ll see the introduction of bold, nature-inspired hues such as deep greens, rich terra-cottas, and vibrant blues to add character and depth.”

7. Global Fusion Aesthetics

The love for mixing different styles will evolve into a sophisticated global fusion aesthetic. This trend celebrates diversity and the richness of combining various design heritages.

“Think Moroccan rugs paired with Scandinavian minimalist furniture or Japanese Kintsugi art alongside Italian lighting fixtures. This eclectic approach will not only create visually stimulating spaces but also tell a story of global connectivity and appreciation for different cultures. The key to this trend will be in the curation, ensuring that the mix feels intentional and harmonious, rather than chaotic,” explains Kalko.

8. Statement Ceilings

The trend of statement ceilings in 2023 will continue to gain traction in 2024. “Ceilings become a canvas for creativity in 2024, with a focus on statement-making designs. From coffered ceilings with intricate patterns to bold paint choices and even ceiling murals, this trend elevates the often-overlooked fifth wall. Homeowners are encouraged to look up and explore ways to add visual interest and personality to their living rooms through innovative ceiling designs,” says Victor Cheung, an Interior Designer who practices Feng Shui.

9. Artisanal Floor Tile

Moving from ceilings to floors, Liran Koren catches the trend of larger tiles with intricate designs, ranging from artisanal hand-painted patchwork with subtle florals to bold marble tiles in vivid hues like blue and black. “It is a shift away from the often drab and clinical minimalist tiling and a step above wooden flooring,” she adds.

10. Premium but Practical 

This trend is all about combining luxury with functionality and creating spaces in your home that both exude a sense of opulence and cater to the practical needs of modern living,” says the experts at Thomas Sanderson. Expect to see opulent fabrics like royal blue cushions, faux fur throws, and rich jewel-like accent colors against a backdrop of neutral palettes. 

Premium materials like marble and granite in the kitchen create a sense of lavishness but are easy to clean and maintain. As design evolves to suit evolving needs, living rooms that achieve both luxury and functionality will rise to the forefront of upcoming trends.

2024 is poised to enrich what worked in 2023 to living room design, evolving to meet the changing needs of how we work, relax, and connect at home. Interior designers recommend incorporating some of these elements now in preparation for the trends to take off next year.

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