Choosing a Hall Tree: A Stylish and Functional Organization Solution for Your Home

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Are you looking for a way to organize your home? A hall tree, sometimes called a hall stand, entryway bench, or coat stand, is a valuable piece of furniture.

They typically are placed near an exit to the home and consist of a bench, hooks, shelves, drawers, and more for quick and easy storage. It will help keep items such as coats, hats, scarves, purses, and phones readily available to grab as you go out the door. But it isn’t just for a hallway or entryway. The most organized people have a place for everything and everything in its place. 

Rooms Where You Can Use a Hall Tree

You can use a hall stand in any room where you need help with organization. Many versions of this furniture include benches, hooks, and cubbies. Those attributes make it more than just a coat tree or console table. 


Placing an entryway storage bench near your front door will allow you a place to gather those last-minute items before you rush out the door. It would serve as a hat rack and a coat stand. Look for an option with a mirror, brass hooks, drawer, or shelf for optimum storage capacity.

Furniture like this would be the perfect place to store items you want to remember, such as umbrellas, scarves, and gloves.

For a busy family, consider having a place for backpacks and a basket for incoming and outgoing items such as mail, notes, and other correspondence. 


Perhaps you and your family regularly exit through the back of the home or the garage. A hall tree in this area may serve a different purpose; it could be more of a storage bench and be more substantial to store boots or heavier outerwear for the family. Each family member could have their cubby and hooks to ensure everyone knows exactly where their items are as they prepare for a busy school day. 

Should your hall tree include a hinged bench, you could use it to put on shoes and boots while using the inside for much-needed storage. For comfort’s sake, add cushions or an upholstered top for your seat.

If you are handy with tools, you could design and make your own storage space using plywood and beadboard. You could purchase a few components, such as cubby sections, to make it come together in a configuration that works for your family. A DIY solution is often the best way to ensure you have all the functions your family needs.


Placing a hall tree or armoire in a hallway is often more of a decor choice. Antique hall trees passed along to the family may be more for looks than function. In this case, you may display unique family heirlooms on a shelf and other antique items on hooks. Antique coat stands are timeless, smaller, and ornate, with carved woodwork, heavy coathooks, and a mirror. Leave this furniture untouched, keeping its rich dark wood tones.


A small hall tree would work great in a more oversized bedroom or walk-in closet. An excellent option for a bedroom or any small nook in your room would be to build a wall unit with hooks using an upcycled wooden door. Attach a mirror and pegs, and add a shelf; you have the perfect place to prepare for your busy day.

After adding all your necessary components, attach your new custom piece to the wall with a French cleat. 

Where you place a halltree is not limited to the rooms suggested above. The placement depends on the needs of your family and those who frequent your home. If you regularly have guests over, it’s nice for them to know where to put their coat and retrieve it, even if it’s a simple coat rack on the wall. It can also be a great place to store soft furnishings, like bolsters, extra cushions or even a cute Hermes blanket dupe.

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Guest Room

Placing a hall tree in your guest room quickly lets your overnight guests know where they can keep their items organized. Consider adding a bowl or basket so phones, keys, sunglasses, and gloves are kept front and center. Doing so will make your guests less likely to leave something behind. In addition, it’s an excellent place for them to hang their towels and coats. 

Styles of Hall Trees

We each have our own style and know what we like. You may need more than one hall tree in your home to stay organized. Let’s help you determine the hall tree style best for you.

Mid-Century Modern

You may have luck finding something to match your style at a second-hand store. A mid-century modern hall tree will have lean lines and a minimalist design. Look for something with tapered legs for an authentic MCM look.


Is your style farmhouse? If so, you’re more likely to lean toward rustic furniture, typically white or natural wood. There may be light or even heavy distressing depending on your tastes. The hooks or pegs will be more primitive and less ornate than a traditional hall tree.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is similar to a farmhouse style. It is known for distressed finishes, light colors, and a cottage feel. This style will make your guests feel welcome.


Rustic style incorporates weathered materials such as pallet wood or other reclaimed materials. Achieving this style is likely a DIY project rather than something you purchase. The wood could be left natural, stained, or painted. 


Those who love the coastal look will know it when they see it. The hall tree will have light, breezy ocean hues with a beach-themed look.


An industrial piece will generally have metal framing and or shelves. The coat hooks are likely to be chunky or sleek rather than ornate. 

Reclaimed Materials To Build a Hall Tree

If you’re eco-conscious, these ideas are something you can get behind. 

There are many options for reclaimed resources to build a hall tree. If you’re not handy with tools, talk to your friends to find someone who can customize the perfect new furniture piece from old materials. Many old materials can be found at a salvage yard or your local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Pinterest is a fabulous place to find inspiration for doing it yourself. 


One of the easiest ways to make a new halltree is to use an old door. What kind of door do you need? That answer is easy.  It’s not difficult to transform a wooden door into a hall tree. You decide what components to add when you do your project or have it commissioned by someone else. 

The simplest option is to use a narrow door and add a few hooks and a shelf—paint or stain to suit your style.


When you marry a table and a door, you have a large surface to display your decor, such as photos or floral arrangements. In addition, the table may have a lower shelf that offers storage for shoes or boots. 

You are not limited to the height of your table; however, you will want the width to be in line with the width of your door. 


You get a hall tree bench by pairing a nightstand with a door. This halltree is perfect for any space in your home where you may want to rest or put on your shoes.

Adding a table or nightstand to any vertical option means you don’t have to add legs. 


Like a door, shutters or bi-fold doors will give you the height you need to add shelves, hooks, mirrors, and more. You can add a table and legs or mount the shutters to the wall. Whether using shutters or a door, adding trim to the top will make your project look more like furniture and less like salvaged goods.

Large Vintage Mirror

Add hooks to a large mirror and place it over a dresser or desk to serve as a makeshift hall tree. Remember, a hall tree is a storage or organization solution wherever it is most needed. It’s your home, your decor, and your style. There are no rules. 

Paint and Finishes

Whether you purchase your new hall tree or make your own, don’t be afraid to change the color.

If you buy traditional furniture at a second-hand store, consider changing it with paint to fit your farmhouse decor. 

Vintage pieces may have nicks and scratches, easily disguised with sandpaper and paint. You can do a two-toned finish using a wood stain on the vertical portion with complementary paint color on the table or shelves. 

You may find the perfect solution to your storage option, but you don’t like the hooks. Search online and find the coathooks that will match your style and make you smile. 

Remember, your home, style, furnishings, and decor should make you happy. When choosing a hall tree, consider the functionality your family needs. The goal is to get everyone out the door smoothly and orderly.

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